ensures compliancy, creates agility and makes you decisive.


the business apllication to manage
and improve your organization

compliant, agile & decisive

from business model to continuous improvement
manage on facts


business model

bManager! provides the opportunity and the means to the organizational structure and also to capture all primary and supporting business processes, shape and visualize them for which procedures and work instructions are available. The structures and content are not isolated but are used within the application. It’s clear a managerial frame work that defines the responsibilities in the organisation. And shows approved changes in p.e. organisation, processes and staffing are directly topical.

driver seat

bManager! has adequate digital workplaces which support the individual manager with the performance of his tasks. KPI’s as well as the operational performance are available. In the Workflow section all ( e.g.  based on thresholds) identified reported activities can be viewed so actions can be initiated directly.

management cycle

bManager! has a fixed (management) cycle that is applied anywhere within the system. The cycle is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act system. Based on the information taken from the organisation -and procesmodel, the correct business object and one with final repsonsability are not always addressed correctly.


Within organisations, themes are regularly current (ISO certification, safety, budget- cycle, strategy sessions, etc.) which need during a specific period a lot of attention and energy. Within bManager! these themes are anchored and monitored as part of the day-to-day issues.

This will avoid that the current value decreases or themes detach of the organisation.

Make sure your organisation is continuously in line with your strategy and policies.

bManager! – manage 2.0

"bManager! allowed us to improve our organisation step by step. We started with the business processes and added the business rules to it. These rules are important because we want to focus on safety and compliance."

− customer Hooverkamp

"It is crucial that we have an accurate management system. We want to show how our organisation should function. At the same time we want to check if our policy is followed up in the correct way. Working step by step at the improvement of our company."

− customer Hooverkamp

"Already after a few weeks we had modelled our main business processes and they were accepted by the process owners and the users. These processes were visible for all employees. We already started with the improvement of these business processes. At the same we enlarged our scope with the supporting processes."

− customer Hooverkamp